Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Latitudes and altitudes

I am back home in Juneau this week.

Although we reside in Arizona, we consider Alaska and Mexico to be home. The 2 are not that much different from each other. Really.

Maybe that is why I am so comfortable with Mexico. I already know how to deal with lack and abundance.

Both places have an abundance of tourist and natural beauty. Both lack faith in the Government. When Alaskans want/need something done, we do it ourselves. Usually Government comes in at the last minute and claims the credit for itself.

It's the rainy season here as well as Mexico. Actually it is the rainy season in Juneau all parts of the year. When it's not snowing. There is still snow on the Mountains, I can see some from this couch I am on. Some one call Vice President Gore and ask him about the warming thing.

Well, today I am going to go down to the cruise ship dock and sell tours along side my youngest daughter. It is aways fun to talk to the tourist. Most consider to Alaska to be a once and a lifetime adventure and their wide eyed expressions are priceless. Along with the comments like; " WOW, how beautiful, what is the altitude here?" umm, you are on a dock, just off a ship that is in the ocean...

It reminds me of listening to tourist on our way to Mexico. I have actually heard people say that they would love Mexico more if it wasn't so filled with Mexicans.

Obviously, Jimmy Buffet missed the point when he sang about changes in latitude, changes in attitudes. The attitudes of most tourist change not regardless of the latitude or altitude.

A pity.


  1. That 'What is the altitude here?' question is priceless! Kind of like 'Which direction is the water?' on a tiny island less than a mile wide! Despite the fact that we lived in Seattle for 20 years and my husband went to Alaska at least a couple of times a year, I've never been. I got as far north as Jasper in Canada. What was I thinking! Maybe one of these summers I'll make it up there! Have fun with family and relish in that cool fresh Alaskan air!

  2. Jiggs and would not mind just a bit of that snow right now. Neither of us were bred for the heat.

  3. Chrissy - hope you have a wonderful visit home and time with your family!

  4. Beck, it really is fuinny to hear some of the things people say. They also are courious about what type of currency we use.

    Steve and Professor Jiggs, most of the dogs are wearing gortex coats right now, it is so soggy out. I am sure Jiggs would love to watch the salmon spawning in the creek just outside. However, the black bears might have something to say about that.

    Canadiangrl. IT has been a great visit regardless of the weather. I am having a great timing spoiling my daughters and the grandkids. I also love torturing my son in law by making him eat food I know he normally would not touch.

  5. Just found your blog and have been reading a few of the older entries. Have you read Susana Trillings "Seasons of my Heart"? It is a cookbook, but also a great book about Oaxaca. It is really interesting. She now lives on a ranch in Oaxaca with her husband and sons. And just to let you know you are not alone, I used to bring home suavetel (the yellow one) and fabuloso too.