Sunday, November 15, 2009

The building of a wall.

I built a Prayer Wall in our back yard.

I have been thinking about it for some time and now that I am not working, I really wanted to get it done.

We had all of the stones on site just laying around in piles. I spent all yesterday morning carrying each one by hand to the area. Keith had to help me move the big foundation stones.

The wall helps me have a more fulfilling prayer life. As I am praying, I write down the prayer then fold up the paper and shove it in between the stones. I don't think for one minute that God needs to read these, as He already knows my prayers. I do this as an exercise of my Faith. Plus it looks kinda nice in the massive back yard. I might build on to it if I happen to be given access to more stone.

The first prayer note contained the names of those that I knew needed prayer.

The second one was a selfish prayer asking God to give us the wisdom and provision to make our move to Mexico. With an added request to super naturally improve my Spanish and to get us there sooner rather than later.

If you would like me to hand deliver a prayer for you to the wall, please just comment here or email me at:

I would love nothing more than to have to increase the size of the wall because I need more prayer space.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Viva Veterans Day! Ode to my Daddy

So, I wrote in an earlier post how I got a new Daddy. )

Well, besides being a very good father, he is very good at many things that I am proud about.

Today I just want to bring your attention to his service to the U.S. Air Force.

My Dad is a perfectionist. Not in a controlling bad way, he is perfect in all he does.

It does not surprise me that he was an awesome crew chief. He is so handsome in this photo. ( that is him shirtless, talking to the fighter pilot) I did not see this photo until last year when he posted it on Class Mates. After I commented on it, I received 2 framed copies along with his dog tags.

Immediate crocodile tears.

I had to hug him and rush out with the photos clutched to my chest. Tears now.

I don't suppose many girls get the honor of praising their Vietnam Daddy's. Most of the Vietnam Vet Daddy's are either dead or worse.

I consider myself Blessed to have this Daddy, let alone one that I can be so proud of.

For this any many other reasons.

Happy Veteran's Day Daddy. I love you sooo much!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's been a while

I wish I could tell you something interesting as to why I have been in a Blog drought, but I am not that interesting of a person.
Since my last post in September, I have began my unemployment status and have enjoyed the 2 weeks with our youngest daughter in a quest to find a new truck suitable for her puppy and take it back to Juneau, AK.

I have also acquired a new Panasonic Lumix Z51 camera. It's a love hate relationship. She is way smarter than I am patient, so I just leave her in the bag for days hoping she will learn her lesson and just take a stupid photo without making me think about all the settings. Oh, don't get me started on her hooity tooity software that would make any FBI or CIA photoshop software look like child's play. Needless to say, I have been humbled by this small devise.

OK, so I also wanted to tell you all that Keith and I have started a new 12 step program. Well, not really it is only a 1 step program. We are no longer purchasing anything that we wont be willing to move to Mexico. I have started giving stuff away as well.

I was able to choose a few items from an award program and along with a propane patio heater (that will be great in Mexico on the cooler winter nights) I also chose a toaster that poaches eggs. Am I a total freak for loving this thing or what? I do love it. So simple and actually does something for me. Not like this stinking camera...

Here are some photos from our short trip in SE Arizona, my magical toaster and last nights sunset from our back yard.