Friday, October 5, 2012

What a difference that time makes

Baby steps.

After a few years of wondering in the desert. Lots of prayer and listening to God. We are back.

We are in the throws of purchasing our 2nd property in Mexico.  Land. High land with a view of the Ocean. Near enough to enjoy its beauty. Far enough to avoid her wrath.

Plans and money haunt my thoughts.  Dreams are far sweeter.

It's a long story. To be written in small yet detailed post. Far more interesting to me than you I am sure. Regardless. It is a story.

Plans. Yes, lots of planning.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I feel stuck.

The economy in America is bad and the violence in Mexico is worse.


My dreams of living in Mexico are overshadowed by the constant killings and lack of Government control in Mexico. Over control in America.

I do have hope. Mexicans have felt stuck for hundreds of years. Stuck with oppressive Governments and Rulers. They finally rise up and over come the bad guys. But will it happen again? Will it happen for America too? The bad guys lose the battle, but they usually raise an army for another war.

I am nearly 50 and my back hurts. I don't feel stuck with that, just an observation and a possible metaphor about feeling stuck. I get stuck in bed in the morning not being able to move because of the back pain.

Fear never stops me, but until lately, I was young enough to recover from financial folly. It is more important today at 49 that I weigh my decisions more carefully. Hence why I feel stuck.

I always weigh the pros and cons and come to a rational decision. But I don't know if I have true information or if it is just fear and lies.

Something random. I was stung by a bee while driving my motorcycle last week. I have thought that I am allergic to bees. There were no shoulders to pull over so I had to power through the pain and fear of going into shock. 30 minutes later, I was fine. Yes, the sting still hurt like crazy, but I was breathing and riding.

Was God sending me a message? To be sceptical of what people have told me? (both of my parents are allergic to bees) To stay focused, driven and believing in His power; and that I do not have to fear.

Arizona has never been home.

It was never meant to be home.

Only a way point on our journey from Alaska to Mexico.

When we moved from Alaska to Arizona we owned a beautiful ocean front lot in Troncones, GRO Mexico. Our house plans had been approved by the local officials and the funds were ready to go. Then we made a critical decision to sell to the owners of the neighboring lot and invest the funds here in Arizona. Both proved to be good moves financially, but when things fell apart here in AZ in 2006 and we got stuck.

Last night I dreamt of a huge snake that was threatening my kids and cats. It was coiled under my office chair. I have never feared snakes. I respect them, but I always catch and release. Venomous or not, they are all treated the same. In my dream, a huge rattle snake grabbed my cat Gordy by the head. I wrestled my cat from the snake and spoke words of healing over him. Gordy immediately stopped spasming and walked away. I then snatched the snake from behind it's head and put him in a bucket and capped it with a top. Dream over.

I woke up with a back ache, went outside in the beautiful morning and admired my new Lady Bank's Roses. They are vigorous climbers and do not have thorns, so I wont get... stuck.

I totally believe God is working in me concerning this issue. Yeah God! I so want to move to Mexico.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

21 bud salute

I am fascinated with things that are both lovely and dangerous at the same time.

A short list is as follows:







Scuba Diving


Datura- A flowering plant that is part of the potato family. Also a Nightshade. Highly toxic if ingested. Has been used for centuries in ritualistic settings and for healing. Also called Belladonna and if you get toxin on your hand and rub your eye, your pupils will be dilated for quite a long while. Women did this on purpose during some long ago time as a beauty enhancement.

The first time I saw a Datura, it was along side of the road one summer. I first noticed this fast growing vine that sprouted almost overnight. Right in a spot that a Javalina had been smashed the spring before.

Within about 15 days, it had HUGE white trumpet flowers, but they seem to wilt as soon as they blossomed.

I looked up the plant based on the description and became very interested in it. That was 10 years ago and until this July, I have been just content to spot one on occasion while travelling around.

This July found us in Elgin, AZ (wine country) for a 5K race that Keith and our youngest daughter were running in. There was Datura everywhere. So I begged Keith to dig me up a root to take home. We only had a butter knife that I snitched from the B & B. He did not cover his hands, but I made sure he washed them vigorously and I got rid of the knife.

I came home and put the bare root in the planter and within a few days, she came back to life.

She has blessed me with 21 little buds. She blossomed for the first time 2 nights ago, but that bloom did not even make it until morning.

These photos were taken last night around 7PM. She is trying to attract the Sphinx Moth for some sexy plant pillow talk, but she will also settle for a bat. I noticed today that our local hummingbird crew is very interested in her as well, but I have not seen them feeding.

This variety I have is a wild sort. Also called Jimsom Weed. But there are other more tropical colorful versions that I envy and will have once we move to Mexico.

A great fictional book to read that Datura has a leading roll in is Hot House Flower-9 plants of desire. It takes place mostly in the Yucatan and is entertaining. It wont rock your world with insight and knowledge, but it is exciting and easy.

That's all I have to say about that...