Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's been a while

I wish I could tell you something interesting as to why I have been in a Blog drought, but I am not that interesting of a person.
Since my last post in September, I have began my unemployment status and have enjoyed the 2 weeks with our youngest daughter in a quest to find a new truck suitable for her puppy and take it back to Juneau, AK.

I have also acquired a new Panasonic Lumix Z51 camera. It's a love hate relationship. She is way smarter than I am patient, so I just leave her in the bag for days hoping she will learn her lesson and just take a stupid photo without making me think about all the settings. Oh, don't get me started on her hooity tooity software that would make any FBI or CIA photoshop software look like child's play. Needless to say, I have been humbled by this small devise.

OK, so I also wanted to tell you all that Keith and I have started a new 12 step program. Well, not really it is only a 1 step program. We are no longer purchasing anything that we wont be willing to move to Mexico. I have started giving stuff away as well.

I was able to choose a few items from an award program and along with a propane patio heater (that will be great in Mexico on the cooler winter nights) I also chose a toaster that poaches eggs. Am I a total freak for loving this thing or what? I do love it. So simple and actually does something for me. Not like this stinking camera...

Here are some photos from our short trip in SE Arizona, my magical toaster and last nights sunset from our back yard.


  1. Did you use the new camera for these photographs? I need to do the same thing. By the way, good plan on current purchases. About a year before I moved, I bought nothing unless I could figure out how it would work with the Mexico move.

  2. Yes, I did use "Cruella" for these shots. I finally figured out how to move them from the camera to the program, now I am looking for an easy way to do just small things like cropping and enlarging. I bet we have the same software. Have you tried your's yet?

  3. Boy am I out of it, a toaster that poaches eggs, what next?

  4. Brenda, I am so pleased with this find. It will get a work out now and when we get down there. Both Keith and I love eggs. I look forward to having a few chickens maybe.

  5. And I have thoroughly enjoyed our little exchanges over at Felipe's blog house.

  6. That's weird, but kinda cool. If only I liked eggs. Poached eggs on toast would make Husband happy.

  7. Great pictures! Think how wonderful they will be when you really know how to use your camera! I absolutely love the toaster, I'm gonna have to put that on my wish list for friends to bring me!

  8. Theresa-I think it is weird and magical all at the same time. Eggs are so cheap and easy to come bye, that I am glad we both like them.

    Teresa- I have not seen this one in the stores, and I will send you the brand name tomorrow. It works so well and I didnt mention that it has a meat warmer as well so you can warm up a piece of turkey or cooked sausage or bacon and make a total breakfast sandwich within 2 minutes. I love this contraption.

  9. Teresa, the Brancd name on the Magical Toaster is "Back to Basics"