Friday, May 29, 2009

Punta El Custodio & Jalapeno Chiles

There is a small bend in the road between Las Varas Nayarit and San Blas Nayarit called Punta El Custodio. Keith and I had pulled over there once on a road trip from Scottsdale to Puerto Vallarta. What looks like a small local beach with no close town is actually a front for a very exclusive and expensive couple of Villa’s. It also serves some nearby local tourists. But my guess this place is pretty sleepy except on occasion. It is beautiful. I would expect that being on an estuary it might get buggy and smelly on occasion, but I am still impressed by its beauty.

Bill and Charlotte drove us up there last week for a look around and Keith snapped this great photo. Now even though this is not tourist season, it was still very very slow for a Saturday. Keith and I were last there in mid March 2008 and it was no different. After we drove up to the gates of the secluded Villa, we drove back towards Las Varas and stopped to take the 9 kilometer dirt road to Playa Tortuga. Along the way we passed a Jalapeno Chile field. There happened to be men out working the field and we happened to be looking for jalapeno plants. We had been to 3 nurseries and they don’t carry them. They told us to start them from seed. Well, that already been tried and fail, we thought BONAZA! We hit the jack pot. The farmers had just finished planting their last plants and had several left over that they were happy to give us along with instructions and a liter of pre-mixed fertilizer. Bill gave them 20 pesos and we took home 15 tiny little plants. Only 2 look like they will make it. But it was a lovely experience all the same. Reason 43 that we will live in Mexico. Farmers delight in sharing.


  1. I have admired the same spot. Esay to see why you were reluctant to leave.

  2. so glad you had a good trip and i will look forward to some more stories about it. we have the really hot pepinos coming up all over our yard. they are pretty plants, up to 4 feet tall covered in white blosoms right now.

  3. If the seeds came from jalapenos that you bought from the store the reason they failed to sprout is that they weren't mature. Just like bell peppers and other peppers you have to wait until the fruit changes colour to plant them. If the plants die, buy some the reddest peppers you can get, let them get totally red and then plant the seeds.

  4. LL- Pepinos all over the yard, how fun is that?
    Theresa-Thanks for the hint. I am sure that is what the problem is. I will let our friend know.

  5. Punta el Custodio is really a magical place. To us it's paradise, there are 14 gorgeous villas and houses for rent. You can see them here:

    1. Hi, the website has changed to Thanks!

  6. Thank you Michel. We recently moved to Guayabitos and now we will have time to visit your paradise.