Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wet Season

Call me a freak, but the wet season in Guayabitos is one of my favorite things.

As the sun goes down, the critters come out. Our first sign was this green frog in the chive planter. He still had not left come noon, so I hosed him down good and he finally went back into the jungle. Later that night the smaller brown frogs started scaling the 2 stories up to the Mirador. The first time I saw one advance over the wall, I was fascinated. The second one that jumped onto my calf was terrifying.

The mornings are like walking a trap line or pulling crab pots. You never know what you are going to find. I race out the door just after sun up to see what has crawled upstairs and has either died from the poison Bill sprays or I catch snoozing. I found signs of a large iguana, but didn't spot him until a few days later when Bill and Keith came screaming like little girls for me to come remove the big lizard from the bodega. I was able to toss a piece of cucumber down his gullet while he hissed at me. After his snack he left with a little encouragement of my stick. He was also sporting a new stubby tail, so it doest look like this was his first brush with adversity.


  1. I probably would have fainted had that frog jumped on my leg!!

  2. I love the wildlife in that area. We are simply too "urbanized" here. And I think that most things that move simply get eaten.

  3. Leslie: Yes I jumped out of my skin. I love critters, but I have never been jumped on by a slimy frong. Mostly they all move away, not advance on you. After the inital shock, I secretly loved it.

    Steve: I am liking that area more and more. Orignally I had thought La Manzanilla was my spot. Did you look at the town of Lo de Marcos on the way down?