Friday, September 3, 2010

A one way ticket to Africa.

I have been a bit distracted for the last month or so.

Our youngest daughter (here she is at 10 years old, her birthday outfit. Taken from our home in Auke Bay, Alaska.) is on a flight right now to Africa. With a one way ticket.

She will be working and living at an orphanage for at least 3 weeks, but may stay longer.

This child is a work of art. God was in a very whimsical mood when He created her. Probably the same day He created Rainbows and Koala Bears.

At 25 years old, she has travelled most of the world and has owned her own business and home. She was born in Alaska, so she has that "why wouldn't I do that" sort of attitude.

However, this trip she is going solo. And that is both a moment for us to be proud and terrified.

She has spent the last 7 weeks with us here in Scottsdale preparing for this trip. Well, I have been preparing, she has been buying stuff and eating as much Taco Bell as she could.

Although the trip begins in Africa, she will go on to Prague for a month or more to take a course on teaching English as a foreign language and then to South Korea to teach. Or wherever her travelling feet (or wings) take her.

People love her. We love her.

So here's to you sweet child. May you see all there is to see in this great world. We miss and adore you.


(here she is this July in Elgin, Arizona. Wine Country, she has Keith ran a 5K race as a team for Keif-Joshue Vineyards)


  1. Chrissy, what a wonderful post for a wonderful daughter. She's beautiful! On a parallel path, I know fellow travelers to Isla Mujeres whose daughter runs an orphanage in Uganda. It's amazing to see people that young who are doing so much to help their fellow man. Congrats to you and Keith for raising such a lovely daughter!

  2. Thanks Beck, she phoned from the the airport on her way to a Hotel to spend the night. As it was 11PM there.

  3. A bright and shiny, and very lovely, face from the beginning to now. We are very lucky as parents to be able to be part of our children's lives - very lucky indeed.

  4. Gorgeous girl. gorgeous spirit! You done good! It must be hard to see her go but that is our job as a parent isn't it?


  5. Calypso, Thank you. She is very bright and shiny indeed. Lucky, yes we are.

    Theresa- Very Very difficult to leave her at the airport, especially because United Airlines told her that she was likely to not be alowed entry into Kenya because she did not have a return ticket. In true Kally fashion, she just smiled and said. "I'm sure it will be just fine." And she was right. No questions asked at immigration.

  6. Wow. She's beautiful. Shining as Calypso noted. I never had children. But I can imagine your fears. I turned out okay. I took a one way ticket to Guadalajara when I was in my mid 20s. And then a stint in Russia. And far more dangerous a year in midcity New Orleans with the homeless. I don't regret any of those adventures. Life is for living. She's a rare jewel, I would bet.

  7. She's a beauty, inside and out. She WILL be fine, and you will be justifiably proud. She likely inherited that spirit, right?

  8. she is so beautiful. It is such a wonderful spirit to have. I know that she will have an amazing time. It's okay momma- she will be back again soon!

  9. Wow! How much money did you pay all of these people to say such nice things?! Next time I need an ego boost I know where to come. Thank you for post this and saying such nice things. Love, Unicorn Daughter Kally

  10. It's rainbow/Koala bear daughter...ok. Unicorn fits too.
    I love your peppermint feet.
    Dear child. Cheers!

  11. Hi--i came to your blog from becky's & thought I'd post because my nephew, mark Fitzhenry is doing the same work. he has been in So. Korea for the last 3 years teaching English & in April ( I think) is going to Prague for courses. You can read about his adventures at

  12. When I first starting reading this post, I thought your daughter was currently 10 years old, moving to Africa alone! Pregnant mommy-brain, sorry!

    She. will. love. it. 150% guarantee- she will learn and get more from working with the orpahns that they will get/recieve from her. Not in a negative way of course- I'm just recounting what my experience was the short 6 weeks I worked at an orphanage in Kenya. The kids were amazing, taught me more in 6 weeks than I learned in all of my formal schooling here in the US.

    Cheers to your daughter for taking this journey! What a great person she sounds like!