Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Mexican Grill

Well Dang, it's been a while.

I wish I could say that I have been soooo busy that I have not had anytime to write. Actually I just have not a lot to say.

Although I have been to Mexico and I have lots of those photos and memories, I have yet to organize an original thought how to Blog about it.

I could also write about the new Senate Bill 1070 here in Arizona and suspect that I would get lots of feedback.

You can read it here

I have read the law. I support the law. Nuf said.

Anyway, while in Nayarit last month, I was fortunate to spend a few days in remote locations that had me grilling on rustic stone and brick charcoal grills. I fell in love.

So being the most wonderful husband in the world, my husband offered to build me one.

When we moved onto this acre property in Scottsdale Arizona, it had lots of brick and rock around, so we gathered up some and made the below grill.

I tested it tonight by grilling a bacon wrapped fillet Mignon. The natural oak charcoal heats up quick, cooks evenly and has a nice earthy flavor.

I have not forgotten that I need to continue my story on how we first purchased ocean front property in Mexico back in the 90's and came to the hard decision to sell it. It's a heart breaker and will take some noodling for me to put together.

I the mean time, I am happy with my little piece of Mexico in my backyard.


  1. I read the 17 pages of the AZ law you linked - I have to say you might want to reconsider having 99 reasons to want to live in Mexico. That diatribe is incredibly mean spirited criminalizing civil violations and demanded the use of the "full extent of the law" when perhaps a situation might lend itself to less than the full extent etc. A lot about law is the spirit of it - if it is hateful, vengeful and designed to cause harm to people that have done wrong acts without humane consideration than it is inappropriate. It certainly would be a fitting law for the Third Reich! I hope you will reconsider your position - maybe go read the base of the Statue of Liberty and think about all people being free as a matter of standard.

  2. Calypso, As I love Mexico and Mexicans, I do not see this law effecting one ethnic race or another, rather people that are breaking a law. I am all for immigants to legally enter any country of their choosing and to do it according to the laws of that Nation, just as I will when I choose to live in Mexico. My Pastor and his family are Canadians. I have gone through the entire Legal Entry system with them. It is difficult and needs to be reformed. I also spent an evening with my next door neighbors who are from Iraq. It took them 5 years to obtain legal citizenship here. The Husband was here for 3 years before he could send for his wife and child that sought refuge in Greece for that time. They never saw each other the entire time. That same evening was spent with a husband and wife who met on a bus in mexico going North. She is a Mexican national, he is El Salvadoran. Both had VISA's to enter America and worked endlessly to obtain their legal full time documents to live here. They all support this law and dont feel threatened by it. I think it really just depends on what we all perceive as necessary. I dont think it is hateful, vengeful or designed to harm people.

  3. Well unfortunately you are wrong - it is in fact all those things and perhaps more. Check-in on my next Blog entry for the image it has established here in Mexico. And by all means if you really plan on being here DO NOT mention your being in favor of BS 1070 - you will find a cold reception here in Mexico.

    It doesn't really even matter if it is right - it is wrong because it has offended so many people needlessly.;

    Chrissy what you fail to see is the spirit of law - why would Obama and Hillary and so many others find this law troubling? It really is the spirit as much as anything. There are a lot of good people that could be hurt by zealous bigots who will use the language and sentiment to bolster their hatred and bigotry. I am sorry that you can't see this.

    I like your Blog and you in any case. We can't all think alike - but damn I wish you were on the right side of this. ;-)

  4. Calypso,
    Thank you for your comments and I appreciate your insight.
    It is unlikely that we will change each others mind on this issue. But what is importants is that we respect each others views and strive to learn and grown through those differences.
    There are severel things that offend me about our US and State Laws. Abortion comes to mind as as one.
    I do not plan to have a bumbersticker saying I support SB 1070, but I would like to point out that even the new Mexican Consulate assigned to Arizona says that Mexico respects the law and sovereigns of the USA/Arizona in it's laws, and added that they dont have to like it. I understand that lots of money from immigants in the USA travels back to other nations to support families, and that is very important. My beef is just do it legally. Our governor of Arizona was forced to do something. Maybe this will work, maybe not. I suggest that if our Police Department is prone to violating human rights, it would have been doing so regardless of this law. I expect and pray that this law will just allow those who have been upstanding citizens (regardless of their documentation) to be protected from those who take advantage of the loop holes in this complicated issue.

  5. Ah, don´t pay Señor Calypso no mind on this issue. He tends to fly off the handle, thinking all people are the same, and everybody should be able to go anywhere they want. He is a free spirit!

    But this business about Keith being the best husband in the world . . . can´t be so. Because I fill that post. Sorry.

  6. The fact that Mexicans get huffy and indignant because they cannot so easily enter another country illegally is hilarious. And pathetic.

    The U.S. has created this lamentable attitude, of course. Going to "the other side," as it is referred to, like you´re going from Michoacán to Guerrero, no big thing, is just taken for granted here as a "right!"

    I´ve thought of a way to settle this dust-up about the best husband in the world. Instead of giving me the Gold, as I clearly deserve, and Keith the Silver, we should divide the issue. I get the Mexican Gold. He takes the Gringo Gold.

  7. Felipe,
    I agree with your compromise for the Gold. The divided Country championship sounds like a good approach.