Wednesday, May 26, 2010

El Camino Real y La Lucuna

I love to read. Most of my pleasure reading is centered around Mexico. This weekend I checked out 2 books from the library. This top one, The Royal Road is a beautiful picture and text book about the road between Mexico City as far North to Santa Fe. Very interesting and I learned a great deal. The photos are wonderful and the history is more exciting than fiction.

WARNING! Shameless photo of Gordy in the background being cute. He spends most of his leisure time on his back watching me read, cook and Blog.

The other book I read was The Lucuna, a Novel by Barbara Kingsolver. Interesting writing style and one of those books that contain fiction and fact. I call them Faction. " takes us on an epic journey from Mexico City of Artist Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo to the America of Pearl Harbor, FDR and J. Edgar Hoover, The Lacuna is a poignant story of a man pulled between 2 nations as they invent their modern identities." I loved this book and devoured it in 3 days.

This guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Gordy pouted the rest of the day when he had to go inside while his catch made his escape.

The above books are excellent reads. Now I await notification from the Library that my other choices are ready to be picked up. Until then I surf the web gleaning what ever I can about the country of Mexico.


  1. Nice way to photo the books but, gad, you´re torturing lizards again!

  2. I loved the Lacuna, too. What else is on your reading list? I just read The Cloud Forest by Peter Mathiessen - traveling in the 1960's through South America. Loved it. And I finally read Hothouse Flower, thank you so much for the recommendation!

  3. Felipe, I knew you were going to call me on this, but I came to the reptile's rescue and put Gordy under house arrest.
    Nancy, I have no idea what I put on reserve at the library. I am terrible at author names and titles. All I know is that one is fiction and the other Non. I will post them if they are worthy. Most books are, as I am pretty easy to ammuse when it comes to Mexico. I am glad you liked Hothouse Flower. Lacuna was one of my favorites. I will get on line with the library and reserve The Cloud Forest right now. THANK YOU!

  4. I hate to admit it, but The Lacuna got the best of me. I enjoyed the first half of the book, but gave up after that. I usually love Kingsolver books. I'm also wild about books on Mexico. I just got done reading God and Mr. Gomez again. We have a little lizard on the wall by the pool that Saby would love to get her paws on.

  5. I can never keep my cats from killing the local lizards ... wish I could. Hardly see any lately but at least there are no more presents at the foot of my bed. Cat's 1, lizards zero

  6. el jubilado,
    Gordy is excellent in his stocking skills, but not very good at the killing part. He seems to be more interested in play and he already weighs 24 pounds, so it's not like he is hungry. Although I hate to see his prey suffering I cant help but to be a proud Mama cat.