Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tis the Season...

for baby quail that is.

This little guy was found by Gordy our cat on the patio late yesterday afternoon.

Gordy did not harm him, he was just watching and trying to smell him, but I understand at this age, they have no scent. Cats wont eat what they cannot smell. Good thing for this baby.

I put him in a box and went looking for the parents. We had the same thing happen last year and we were able to reunite the family.

2 hours passed without the parents making an appearance. Although this baby PEEP PEEPED like crazy, there was no answer.

We ended up taking him to the Quail Rescue lady just 5 miles west of us.

She said that "Pip Squeak" was less than 24 hours long and she put him in one of her many incubators.

There were hundreds of baby quail and many other birds there as well.

Peacocks, Killdeer, Love Birds, Dove and even a Conure. Amazing that she runs this place all on her own and as a volunteer.

Lots of babies get separated from their folks right now. She raises them until they are able to go it on their own and then releases them.

She does a a few adults that are pets now and she takes them to schools and programs.

When we arrived, there were 2 other babies being dropped off as well.

I thought Gordy found another one this morning, but rather he had found a HUGE lizard that I wanted to survive, so I snatched the cat up and he is pouting inside now.

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