Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Colima Dog. Good boy!

Colima Dog was adopted many years ago in, well Colima. He was given full legal immigration status and lived for 10 years in Alaska before moving to Arizona. He is a curious dog, always up to something. Mostly he just wants to get back to his country of origin. Colima Dog is especially interested in Blogging. He spends hours pouring over the excellent information about his native land and appreciates all the other doggie bloggies.
Colima Dog loves the outdoors. Here he is this morning playing in the lantana. He rather likes the color of this lantana over the purple. This color just goes better with his outfit.

Colima Dog is not ashamed of his pudgy belly or lack of moving parts. He is happy just to lounge the day away counting the bird that pass overhead and contemplating his return to Mexico. Stayed tuned for more adventures of Colima Dog and his quest to move back to Mexico. Go Colima Dog. Go!!!


  1. Su perrito doesn't look like much of a retriever, but he does seem to have the 'stay' command down pat!

  2. It appears that Jiggs and Colima Dog have about the same activity level.

  3. Jaimetow: yes, Colima Dog has the stay command down, however he does not respond to "come" at all.

    Steve: I had noticed the common interests of Jiggy and Colima Dog. He noticed right away that the Professor was trying to immitate his hairlessness. A hansome look indeed.

  4. When we moved to Mexico we gave our Colima dog to a friend who owned a (live) Xoloitzcuintle. I kind of miss him. I guess we need another one next time we head to Colima. (One of my favorite places ever)

  5. Hi Nancy:
    I love this little dog, his crooked little mouth and offset eyes. He even suffered a broken ear, but we fixed that. I see in the markets they are selling many types of Colima Dog. Some Dancing and such. I guess I like my Colima Dog just as he is.

  6. Hi American Mommie,
    Colima Dog has been a bit reluctant to join in the blogging, but now he is a real ham-bone. He will have more postings this weekend I am certain.