Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey Tango!

Tango is our 4 year old Sun Conure. He was actually part of our plan in moving to Mexico. We had always wanted a parrot, but want for him to have a nice aviary in a court yard. So with that in mind, we got him when he was only 5 months old.
Sun Conures are one of the most beautiful birds ever, but they are the noisiest and messiest eaters. We love him regardless. He loves to kiss and cuddle, but is strictly a 2 person bird. Get near him and someone is going to bleed. He can speak a few things, like Tango, Good Boy, Night Night, step up, Good Morning and he is working on Hola! Nancy in Mazatlan has been telling me how difficult it is getting birds into Mexico. I am taking that up as a project here and hope to have some good news for all you other Bird Nerds out in Blogger Land.

Tango, getting ready to attack the camera.


  1. I am so looking forward to all of us getting our birds down to Mexico with us!

    Thanks for sharing whatever information you come up with.

  2. wow! we don't have a bird, but your guy is really gorgeous! sounds like he will make a good watch dog.

  3. Yes, his is gorgeous and yep, we call him our Home Alarm System. Every one or anything gets screamed at.

  4. I was going to say "Pretty bird," but that would be mundane -- even for me. When I left Jiggs with the vet in Manzanillo for a week, the vet's cockatiel would sleep with him. First time I knew Jiggs was even tolerant of birds.

  5. Senor Algodon, My cats seem to know that Tango is off limits. I would like to think it has to do with animal communication, but I suppose that my screaming "NO" has more to do with it. After all, Gordy had caught 2 hummingbirds and has licked the feathers off of them before I could do anything about it.

  6. I don't think it is a big problem getting birds INTO Mexico - it is getting them back in the U.S. where you will hit MAJOR snags.

    We sold our Blue and Gold Macaw to move down here thinking we were going back and forth 6 months in and 6 out - but now we live here in Mexico pretty much full time. It was heart breaking to lose my pal Ozzy.

    In the mean time I have developed major pangs about caging birds (probably some libertarian hang-up of mine) and no longer want to 'own' a bird.

    But we have some GREAT birds that hang around including a flock of parrots that cruise thru here. I think they are entertaining me for leaving them set free - a good trade I think ;-)

  7. Hi Calypso!
    Well, I guess in the last 2 years the laws have changed making the transport of birds into Mexico much more difficult. I think if I just start 6 months in advance than I should be able to get it done.

  8. Trust me, if you drive into Mexico it is not hard. I drove in with our Dogs, and a bird and nobody said anything or asked if they were up to date on shots, and believe me when I say no tengo buen suerte!