Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Punta Raza, Nayarit

Punta Raza is a remote beach located down a 3 mile dirt road outside the small farming village of El Monteon. El Monteon is about 3 miles South of Rincon de Guayabitos on Highway 200. This area has been targeted by FONATUR as part of the Riviera Nayarit. I am happy that we got to experience it now. I can only hope they do a good job at preserving this beautiful tropical area.
At the end of the 3 mile dirt road, you will come to the Hotel and restaurant Rincon del Cielo. This hippy like enclave is without power, but runs the kitchen and lights off of gas. There are a few lovely bungalows for rent and the food is excellent. I am not sure if the place is open if they dont have guests or expecting diners. Bill and Charlotte had gone out there a week prior and had made lunch reservations for the following week. The photo above is of the banos. Some of the cleanest I have been in, except for my little attendant below.

He sat patiently until I was done, then I helped him out. He probably was making a good living off bugs and other critters that where going in there.

Some of the fresh ingredients they used for our ceviche.

The entry. The road continues down to the beach. We probably saw 4 or 5 rigs go down and up during the 2 hours we were there. Dogs were playing on the beach and the few people that were on the beach were covering themselves in a black mud and didn't rinse it of for about 30 minutes.
The waves were very small, if any at all. There were some rocks off to the side that would provide snorkeling opportunities. This area was some of the loveliest I have ever been too.


  1. I wish we had more time when we drove through there. This beach was on my list. Like you, I hope the tourist development does not entirely ruin it -- but what are the chances of that? Look at Ixtapa!

  2. Hi Steve,
    Well, maybe a bright side to the economic slump is the slowing of developement. Ixtapa, yes. We used to own property in Troncones, which was an ejido just like Playa Palmas (Ixtapa) FONATUR had to decide which beach they would use for the Resort town. Trocones had the better looks, but was a 3 beer drive away. Las Palmas was only a 1 beer drive from Zihuat. Well, it wasnt long before Troncones got discovered. We sold because even though our lot was 3rd from the end of the road, closer to Majahua, there are now million dollar Villas, internet cafes and pavement. I know I am being unrealistic that things will not or should not change, but I am still on my quest.

  3. I feel like part of the community, well my neighborhood. Chihuahua is a big place. It is still not the safest city, so venturing out by myself isn't something I want to do yet. Might be the blond hair but I don't look like a local! I think the hardest thing is getting used to the pace of life. It is slower. Also, I thought people didn't like me when we moved here but I came to figure out that mainly they were scared because I spoke english. Nobody in Chihuahua speaks english! After people realized I did speak spanish and I was friendly, it got much easier!

  4. This place looks so beautiful, I do love all of Mexico! I'm so happy that I live here and hope you guys will have your wish come true and find your own perfect piece of paradise soon! By the way your blog looks great, you have really jazzed it up!

  5. Thanks Teresa. Yes, we are still searching for our new place. We do plan on coming over your way. We like the pacific riveria area probably because we know it better and it is so much closer to Alaska than on you side of the country. However, the more I read and see about your piece of paradise, the more interested I am in visiting. Thanks for noticing my jazzed up Blog. I am learning alot.

  6. The fact that FONATUR has it's eyes on an area, pretty well guarantees its' demise. Tourism is such a self-destructing thing. That said, FONATUR is by far the best of the development options. What they do will be well done, for the most part. It's all the crap around the development not run by FONATUR that will ruin the place completely.

  7. William, I agree on all your observations.