Thursday, July 30, 2009


I accidentally set off my home alarm last night at about 11:30 PM. An ear piercing siren and strobe lights sent the cats flying under the bed and had my parrot not already been in his snuggy, he would have crashed to the bottom of his cage. It took me about 30 seconds to gather my wits, find my glasses and race to the other end of the house to disarm the stupid thing. Just as I was getting my hearing back and trying to lower my heart rate, the phone rang. CRAP! who could that be at 11:30 at night, it's got to be BAD!!!! CRAP!!! Oh, it was the security monitoring people. I had forgotten that I had that service.

You see, I haven't set the house alarm for years. But last night I was glad to have it. Keith and the grand kiddos left yesterday at 4AM for Alaska. On our way to the airport we thought we would stop at Dunkin Donuts. They were not open yet, so we drove right to the freeway. Unknown to us at the time, a woman, dead from a gun wound lay just off the side of the road just a block from our home. I drove by twice and didn't see a thing. It was only around noon yesterday that someone walking bye was able to spot her. It was determined that the body had been dumped there, but it still creeps me out to thing this would happen in my neighborhood.

One of the first things to crossed my mind was that it would never occur to me to have an alarm system in Mexico. Thats what dogs and window bars are for right? Colima Dog will protect me. Good boy!

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  1. Oh Krissy, so sorry! I vaguely heard something on the news about a body, but didn't pay much attention. That is frightening! (And so is an alarm that goes off late at night!)