Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our 4th of July in Guaymas

We stayed at the Armida Hotel in Guaymas this trip. It is a small place mostly visited by Nationals. The 2nd day there we noticed a large number of 20ish year old men with there young wives and children all having a great time in and around the pool. We saw an older man popping out of his room and pointing to his watch every 10 minutes or so. Before to long, all the young men were gone and only the women and children remained. Then that's when we figured it out, the men started walking by in their uniforms. I worked up the courage to approach the group of young women to ask about the game. Using my poor Spanish, I was answered in perfect English. They were the professional team from Ensenada, the Marineros. They were in town to play the Guaymas Ostioneros.

The game stated at 8PM, so the temperature was not bad, what was bad is the smell. The stadium is located just off the lagoon area that holds the Guaymas fishing fleet.
Because it was ley seca, there was no booze served at the game. I suspect that was the reason for the low turn out, but it did make for an enjoyable time.
We were 2 of about 12 fans cheering for Ensenada. We left after the 4th inning as Guaymas had not scored and Ensenada was ahead by 4.
Other than the language and the smell at the stadium, you would not really notice the difference between American ball and Mexican ball. There were hot dogs (although split and fried on a grill) paraphernalia, Coca Cola, snow cones, popcorn, all the things you could want at a game. What I thought was great is when Ensenada got up to bat, or if they had an error, the sound effects were corny and insulting. Like a baby laughing or Loony Tunes just your basic "nanny, nanny boo boo" stuff. We had a great time.


  1. Thanks for the warning about the smell. If I ever go to a game there I'll be sure to take along some incense. Too bad they put all that money into the stadium and didn't take into account the proximity to the fishery.

  2. Hi Bliss, yes I wondered the same thing. The Complex could have been built in many other locations. This location is better suited for a prison.

  3. What a fun way to spend the evening. SOrry about the smell. :)

  4. Rosas Familia, the smell didnt bother us so much as we used to live on Auke Bay, Alaska. There is a harbor and marina there and the tide flats were right out our door. However we have never smelled that at a baseball game. It was funny actually.

  5. Wow, we love baseball. One more thing to do here! I don't mind the smell. I actually like the smell of pulp mills.....having lived in Eureka.

  6. Hi Jan and Bruce,
    The stadium is execellent. If you like baseball you will have a great time. It is very easy to get too, just take Calle 20 all the way past the malecon keep heading around the bay and after the contruction detour you will see the Activity area on your right. If you go after dark, you an see the lights from a long way away. From all the posters in Guaymas, the Ostioners are a big deal. Their schedule is on line.