Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We anxiously wait the arrival of our 2 oldest Grandchildren this Friday. A 13 year old girl and 11 year old boy. Bringing youngsters from Alaska to the Desert Southwest in the summer seems to be cruel and unusual punishment. These kids are not accustom to going more than a day or two without wearing Xtratuf rubber boots and layers of fleece.
Their usual summer generally has them doing everything in the rain and 55 degrees. Juneau summers are a lot like a nasty spring. Soggy softball, muddy soccer and the occasional 70 degree day with no rain and the entire population of Juneau scurries to find something to do outdoors while the weather holds.
The kiddos have been spending the last 3 weeks at their other Grandparents home in New Mexico. They have spent their days helping run the Ranchito. The week with us will be an urban assault on their small town psyche’s.
Papa and I have a long list of activities that should keep us busy and introduce them to a few things rarely available in Alaska.
Shopping, what 13 year old girl would not want to shop in Scottsdale for her next years school clothes?
Shooting a machine gun at our Gun Club- What 11 year old boy hasn’t dreamed of that?
Wet-n-Wild water park- Actually getting wet for the fun of it? The kids are use to being constantly damp and cold. This experience will be new.
Imax Theater. We might re think this one; both kids get motion sickness pretty easy.
Putt putt golf (after the sun goes down)
Watching TV from our pool
Lots of playing in the pool

Floating the Salt River. This is a shallow, slow moving river. The water is so clear you can count the beer bottles and cans as you slowing glide over. You might spot the occasional scuba diver, a volunteer picking up the trash that the idiot humans have left behind. It really is a unique experience floating down a lazy river under the towering 200+ year old saguaro cactus and sweeping Mesquite canopies.

All too soon, Keith will be taking them back up to Alaska. This may be their last summer visit in Arizona. We are hoping that the next trip for them will bring them into a different Country. How many kids can say that they spent their summer vacation in Mexico? I am hoping many would, but especially these two.


  1. Chrissy y Keith,

    I lived in Apache Junction back in the early seventies when there weren't a lot of people. We used to love tubing in the Salt River but back then there wasn't any trash. There is nothing like riding along in the hot sunshine with your butt in the cold water. Don't forget to wear long sleeves and wear a hat and also cover your legs with a towel or something or you will come out looking like a lobster or a crispy critter. I know...I been there and done that :)

  2. Hi Bob,
    You are right about keeping covered. Before you know it, you are burned. We usually try to get there before 7AM and all the crazy people. It would curl your toes to see what goes on now days on that float.

  3. And next year they can learn the summer secrets of the sweat towel and shade walking.

  4. Steve, your right, so we will have to take them inland. I think a bus trip would be excellent.

  5. Sounds like you have a great time planned for the kids. Maybe they'll be slightly acclimatized if they've been in New Mexico! You'll probably never get them out of that pool, especially if they can watch television!

    And I hope their next summer vacation is spent in Mexico!

  6. Sounds like fun! for grandparents and the grandkids!

  7. LAB and Theresa, I am not sure if it's us or the kiddos that will have more fun. We have been pretty house bound since the hot weather has scurred us. Thank God that we dont have the humidity that Merida has.

  8. Wow, what fun! When I lived in Phoenix in the late 70s I used to go tubing down the Salt River all the time. It was so much fun. It never occurred to me to use sunblock....crazy. The kids will have a blast with you guys. Can we do the same thing when we come up in Aug?

  9. Jan, you and Bruce should come in the Saturday before the 17th so we can go float the river and play at Wet n Wild.

  10. It sounds like you guys have a good time planned. Man, I want to come to AZ too. all of that list sounds really good. Have a good time.

  11. OMG! They give 11-year-olds machine guns to practice with at the gun club? Preparing them for urban street wars?

    By the way, my next-door-neighbor is managing rentals here in SC now, so if you decide you want to be here for a while let me know.

  12. Hi Bliss,
    Yes the Scottsdale Gun Club will train anyone who has the cash to safely operate machine guns and even a HUGE 50 guage rifle that is mounted on a HUMVEE that they take out in the desert. The shells cost $20.00 each.