Monday, July 6, 2009

The San Carlos connection

From the left. Me, Bruce (Keith says Bruce is doing is Lucha Libre pose here), Jan, Captain and Bliss.
This impromptu meeting was the icing on the cake to our latest journey into Mexico. Jan and I had been writing for about a month now and we are connected in may ways. One being that we are both Army brats, so experienced some of the same things growing up. We are fast friends and it was very hard to say good bye on Saturday. We are both planning the next visit.
Bliss and the Captain are very interesting people as well. Keith hung on every word that Captain had to say about sailing. Keith loves boats and has always wanted to learn to sail. He knows very well how to operate big power boats (40-50 footers) but the idea of being under sail has him mesmerized. Bliss is a singer and artist and I find that intimidating and lovely at the same time.
Blogging is an odd way to make friends. But it is an effective way. We all have very common interest and the act of writing and reading must reach a very intimate place in our being. Jan and I both have this feeling of knowing each other for years, yet we have only known each other for days. Weird. Odd. Beautiful.


  1. Vive Los Bloggers! When we get our boat back up here we'll have to take y'all on a day sail. We hope you'll visit again soon.

  2. Ditto with Bliss Chrissy. It was fantastic and what an instant and wonderful connection. Wouldn't it be great to go sailing with Bliss and the Captain (yes we know who he really is)! Come back. Better yet just rename the blog "We Live in Mexico".

  3. Hi Jan, Yes I do look forward to the day that I change the my heading by removing the word "will"

  4. Chrissy,

    It truly is one of those strange things about bloggers, the connection is usually immediate. I look forward to meeting you one day!

    Jan probably told you that she and I worked together for a year or so in the 90's and became good friends.

    Bliss is such a generous, fun person, it is always great to spend time with her. And it's wonderful to get to know the men to these interesting women, too.

    Next time, come to Mazatlan! I'll invite Jennifer and Chuck and Sandy and if it's winter, Kate, and Michael, oh and Sandie and Mike, too! Sheesh!

  5. Hi Nancy, yes Jan did tell me about your working together and I had kinda put that together myself reading the communication between you both.
    We are planning on visiting Mazatlan next. We are keeping an eye on the airlines. I will keep you posted.

  6. It's funny. I already just assumed that Chrissy and Nancy were friends because they have so much in common. I feel like you guys know each other and really you do!