Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keeping it simple

For as complex as Mexico is in it's history and culture, their ability to simplify the ordinary is remarkable. We love the blinking traffic signals that warn you of the impending doom that is just about to t-bone you if you don't either speed up or slow down to stop (then be hit from the rear). Another nice feature is this cross walk sign. It not only counts down the seconds you have, but has a little man in motion. As the seconds diminish, he walks fast and faster and breaks into full blown trot before the red man of doom flashes and horns start honking.

Reason 32 that we will live in Mexico. Simplicity in the ordinary. I guess it makes up for all the complexity of the necessary.


  1. Have you seen the traffic cops on the Segways?

  2. Our little village solves even that level of complication with no traffic lights and no stop signs (that mean anything). A libertarian's dream.

  3. 1st Mate: Only in Scottsdale.

    Steve: the Libertarians dream will shatter once he stops for a 4 way stop, then gets rammed by the guy that doesnt. Kinda what goes on in the USA with most everything. The people that do the right thing expect others to do like wise, only to be rammed in the back by those that dont.