Thursday, July 2, 2009

Were outa here!

In less than 24 hours we will be in San Carlos/Guaymas. It is just a short road trip for us. 6 hours one way. I have google earthed the route (actually we have driven it several times) and I think I have found a route that skirts Hermosillo to the west and then connects back up to Highway 15. Maybe someone out there has taken that Westerly route on 15D south to 16 West, then hooks back up to 15?
Anywho, we are very excited to be going back to Mexico and to get a chance to meet up with my new BB (Blogger Buddy) We have a favorite restaurant there in Guaymas that serves 2 of my favorite dishes. Octopus with butter & garlic and Charro beans. I really need to right down the name of the place and this time I will. But it is next to the giant Palapa restaurant when you just start to enter town before the turn off that takes you down to the old Cortez hotel.
Keith and I have ritual road/boat food. It includes, but is not limited to beef jerky, chicharrones,Gater-aide and some salty chips.
We should be going through most of the areas pretty early, and we usually stop in Magdalene de Kino for roadside breakfast tacos, but I think we will be too early.
I am taking the lap top and I will try to post from the road. We will see how that works, or doesn't.
We love to drive. In Juneau, we only had 41 miles of road. So this distance thing is a thrill for us. Keith used to get tired after just driving for 35 miles, now he is good for 15 hours or more.
i know it sounds weird, but we look forward to the smell of burning trash and the humidity in the air. Reason 85 we will live in Mexico.


  1. ¡Que tengan buen viaje y cuídense mucho!

  2. We've got the humidity but I haven't smelled any burning trash lately in San Carlos.

    That bypass is what we always take at Hermosillo, and it's very well marked, I don't think you can go astray.

    My email is if you want to get my phone number.

  3. Bob, Gracias, we love driving in Mexico, it warms our heart.

    Bliss, we have never smelled burning trash in SC either, it's just as you crest the hill coming into Nogales. Weird, but that warms our heart too. I hope to get to meet you there.

  4. I think that's the bypass we take, but if not, I'd love to find out about it. Safe trip and see you soon. Can't wait.

  5. Have a great drive -- and a better stay. Guaymas was one of our favorite stops on the way south.

  6. Funny thing that you mentioned the smell of burning trash. That's the first thing I would notice whenever my grandparents and I would cross the border. And it really didn't matter if we crossed in Tijuana, San Luis, or Juarez. I always knew when we had reached Mexico, because of the smell of burning trash.

    We have neighbors that still burn their trash, and when they do, I'm reminded of all the trips I made to Mexico with my grandparents!

    Have a safe and happy trip!

  7. I am seeing pictures of you guys all over the place! Looks like you had a terrific time!

  8. Hi Linda Lou,
    We had a fantastic time. We feel like San Carlos is our second home. It is such an easy drive we find ourselves wanting to go back soon. Now with having new firends there, it makes the journey even more special.