Monday, April 27, 2009

The "F" word

Is it just me, or do the last few months seem to be like a Hollywood production? Come on? A newly elected bi-racial President takes his place in Washington and in the history books. Mexico fights a civil-like war with a snarling group of heavily armed drug thugs? Americas Midwest is flooded and their liquor stores cannot keep up with the demand? Swine Flu is suspected of killing hundreds and sickening thousands more? And now an earthquake near Acapulco? Killer Bees in Scottsdale....

I wondered what makes people cynical and paranoid. Well, I think it is a four letter “F” word. Fear. Fear will do wacky stuff to your head and to a society. Already one of the gals that I work with forwarded me an email she received from her sons school saying that over 100 kids had stayed home sick today with reported flu like symptom. There are only 400 kids in the entire school. I really wonder if the kids are sick or are the parents paranoid. Which brings me back to the possibility that I fear may be cynical. I really don’t think I am as per se, but I do think I am cynical to situations. The timing for this virus and the fact that it looks designer in nature has me putting my hand on my chin, squinting and saying hmmm.

Dang, where did I put my hand sanitizer…


  1. Kids taking a free day away from school? Sounds like good old-fashioned Yankee ingenuity to me.

  2. Excellent post. I thought the "f" word might be flu but fear was more apt.

  3. I so agree, I was just added a new post to my blog where I said that there is no flu in the yucatan reported at all. I would love to send a link to your fear article but I am so new at this I don't know how to do it yet! Also wanted to send you sunset pix's privately don't know how to do that either! Anyway here are some pix, and if you can tell me how, I add a link to your blog to mine! Hasta Luego!