Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tularosa, New Mexico

Interstate Highway 10 must have more billboards than any other highway in the Nation. If we ever run out of building materials in this Country, we could always dismantle all that and build another space shuttle.
We had a lots of first yesterday. First time we had ever cross the Continental divide and something that really touched me. We crossed the Rio Grande.
We drove 588 miles yesterday and had a fantastic visit with our oldest daughters in laws. Marge and Joel Mitchell have a 40 acre ranch in the small ranching town of Tularosa. They have 7 horses, 4 llamas, several rabbits, 9 cats and 4 dogs.
We spent the night in the 300+ old town of La Mesilla. A lovely meal at the La Posta restaurant is a must if you visit this place. Here is the recipe for the steak I enjoyed last night.

Green Chile Beef Tenderloin

Char broil over a mesquite wood the tenderloin to your liking.
Cover with fresh roasted green chili and Monterrey cheese.


More later, right now there are free biscuits and gravy waiting for me down stairs.

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