Saturday, April 25, 2009

How many gringo's does it take?

To lay a flagstone patio? Apparently only 2. We did a lousy job compared to the one we had done a few years ago by some delightful Mexican men. What took us several hours to do, these guys could have done it in 1 hour and would have had time for lunch. We still have some clean up to do and we didn't set them in concrete because we didn't want to spend the money (we had the stone left over from another project) I got to hang my hammock I got a couple of years ago in San Patricio, Jalisco. Ah, now all I have to do is wait until the sun goes down and I can lounge in my Mexican hammock in my American back yard. A bitter/sweet luxury. Oh, and if anyone wants to know. Cats do not like hammocks.


  1. Just to make you jealous, I spent a good portion of the day in my hammock.

  2. Thanks Steve. I will have you know that I was so exhausted from the work, that I spent my down time on the sofa. I will go for it in the morning before church.

  3. Your yard looks huge! I like the flagstones. I nap in a hammock.

  4. Hi Theresa! Yes, the house sits on an acre. TOO BIG! it's like putting make-up on an elephant. Where do you start? My parents pull their 39 foot Airstream Trailer in the back for the winter and even that looks like a toy back there. Oh, how we look forward to small space in Mexico! I am adding 3 palms and some flowers to the flagstone area. I am creating a small space there.