Monday, April 20, 2009

Pack "rats!"

We are pack rats. Not in the sense that we hoard stuff, just the opposite I got the nick name "Toss and Pitch" from my Dad. As pack rats I mean we enjoy thinking about packing our bags for Mexico. For some time now we both travel to Mexico with only one carry on each. But that all changed when we learned that our friends have been adopted by a kitten.
Maddie "Marmalade" is 5 months old and deserves all the kitten privileges available. To that end I have managed to purchase a bed, toys, collar and a bling bling engraved tag. So as long as we are now hauling all that down to Guayabitos, I may as well take provisions to restock the Wilkerson pantry. A trip to the Asian market produced 6 cans of wasabi. Wasabi must be a controlled substance in Mexico because if Bill cannot find a food item, then it must be restricted. I had envisioned stepping on the plane with just my travel purse but I see that is just a fleeting vision. Now our friend has ordered a bug fogging machine for us to cart down there. I doubt US Air is going to allow is to haul an airborne poisoning machine as a carry on? You think? I doubt it. We are bound to check a bag and pray for a "green light" at customs in PV.


  1. We have wasabi in Merida, but until recently no corn meal. Cat toys are none existent though. My friend went to +cotas (mas cotas!) and she said that she might as well been asking for toys for her pet cockroach for the looks that she got. I had a friend bring me cat vitamins from NOB when we got adopted by our cat.

  2. Great idea on the vitamins. I will add those to my list. I have been praying about what I should do when we live in Mexico and now I just might explore a small pet supply import. I am surprised about the lack of Wasabi on the west coast as well. Some of the best sushi I have had was in Zihuatanjeo.

  3. hi chrissy! great to read your blog. wasabi is at the obregon walmart! just got it there last week, plus nori and sushi rice ( i have little luck with regular rice). i left a note for you on my blog.

  4. thats good to know. Maybe it will work its way south to Puerto Vallarta. We also have a hard time finding hot chinese mustard. Speaking of Obregon, that looks like a great market they have there on Sunday's? I cannot recall what day were were through there but it pretty good.